With more than 40 years of international experience in UPS systems, Statron is proud of a wealth of references. We offer our customers added value with the background of the following experiences and references:

International References

We are used to work in different countries with different cultures. Specifics from different countries, be they of normative, climatic or technical character, we can handle them with our international team. Therefore, we are proud of installations in almost 100 countries.

Product References

A large number of our products are installed worldwide at different customers under the most diverse requirements. In total, we have been delivered more than 10'000 systems worldwide. Most of them were successfully installed by us. From our current product portfolio we have successfully delivered the following systems:

  • BDT/BDTe:             more than 3’000 systems
  • BDS:                       more than 100 systems
  • BCS:                       more than 1’000 systems
  • IDS/IDT:                  more than 1’000 systems
  • Eaton systems:      more than 400 systems
  • S2000:                   more than 500 systems
  • S3000:                   more than 400 systems
  • S5000:                   more than 100 systems
  • S6000:                   more than 80 systems
  • S7000/8000:         more than 100 systems
  • Batteries:                more than 6'000 systems

Client- and Project References

The customer is in our focus. We aim to understand the needs and requirements of our customers. A proof that we achieve that goal in an excellent way is the number of our customers. We are proud that we have been supplying our products and services to more than 2'500 different clients, such as:

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