Why should I work at Statron?

Whether you as an applicant are a good fit for us or whether we as a company are a good fit for you is very important. To clarify this, let us do a check together.

With us you can:

.. quickly take on responsibility

As a typical SME, we do not have many hierarchical levels. We give you responsibility in your position relatively quickly. With us you can quickly leave deep traces!


… get involved and make a difference

We encourage and demand your ideas and input. We don’t want you to just “fill the position”, we want you to be intensively involved in the task and to be able to realize your professional potential. We are looking for “drivers”.


… enjoy a varied work

Here, too, the SME character of our company comes into its own. The activities that you can perform in our various areas are broad and varied. You will certainly not get bored with us!


… cultivate international relations

With an export share of more than 80% and more than 30 worldwide partners, there is hardly any activity in which you may not cooperate with international partners. Enjoy the diversity.


… be part of a well-functioning team

We work on very attractive – but also very challenging projects. The fulfillment of goals is only possible by working together as a team. We have an uncomplicated “you mentality”. Become a part of it.


… help shape the future

The market of energy (technology) and infrastructure is very much in motion. The move away from oil and gas to alternative energies, the expansion of renewable energies or electromobility are just a few examples. We at Statron are part of this future with our products and services. You can actively help shape it!