44 – 722
30 – 500
Realized Installations

The S1300 is a robust UPS solution for all semi-industrial applications such as data centers, production plants, back-up systems in healthcare, banks, chemical processing units, public buildings or in other infrastructure systems. The compact S1300 UPS system is the reliable solution for all demanding infrastructures.

  1. High reliability
  2. High availability
  3. Long service life, designed for >20 years
  4. Low operating costs
  5. Transformerless design
  6. Power factor 0.99 at input
  7. cos φ = 1 at output
  8. Efficiency >96
  9. Compact design
  10. High energy density
  11. Clearly structured operator display for easy operation and intuitive communication
  12. Latest communication software, complete system monitoring
  13. Remote monitoring via SNMP adapter, ModBus or floating contacts
  14. Battery management integrated
  15. Battery can be integrated (30 – 80kVA) or operation with external batteries

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