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Aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) systems play an important role in the field of aeronautical engineering. STATRON, with its partner ITW GSE AXA, has the expertise to properly size and offer such systems.

The power supply of aircraft or helicopters at the dock or during maintenance operations is essential. Properly designed ground power units (GPU), which are available mobile or fixed, ensure maximum availability of power supply to aircraft and helicopters at the dock.

In addition to GPU systems, STATRON and its partner offer pre-conditioned air (PCA) systems. Properly sized, these can result in significant cost savings.

For more than 20 years, STATRON has successfully provided GPU and PCA equipment for aerospace applications.

  1. Systems with robust design for long, reliable service life
  2. Wide product portfolio from small to large systems
  3. Mobile and stationary systems available
  4. Decades of experience and numerous references in the field of ground power supplies for aircraft

The main products for this are:

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