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UPS systems play an important role in the industrial sector. The systems are typically used in steel and rolling mills, aluminum plants, in the processing chemical industry, in printing plants, automotive plants or in any industrial application with the requirement of high power availability. Properly designed UPS systems ensure maximum availability and safety of industrial equipment.

For more than 30 years STATRON has been successfully providing UPS systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

  1. Plants with robust industrial design for long, reliable service life
  2. Cost-optimized and compact systems with semi-industrial design for long and reliable service life
  3. Wide product portfolio from small to large systems for UPS equipment in industrial plants
  4. High variety of products to meet a wide range of requirements
  5. High flexibility in battery application
  6. Decades of experience and numerous references in the field of industrial applications

The main products for this are:

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