Realized Systems
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UPS systems play a central role in the oil and gas industry. They are used in the areas of production (upstream), transmission (midstream) and processing (downstream). Typical applications are therefore in production towers (both offshore and onshore), in the area of oil pipeline control, gas processing and gas pressure boosting plants, in chemical and petrochemical plants or in refineries. Properly designed UPS systems ensure maximum availability of protection and control equipment and emergency lighting systems.

Statron’s UPS solutions meet the highest requirements for use in the oil and gas sector and are therefore the first choice of many end customers in this market. For more than 20 years, STATRON has been supplying customized UPS solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide.

  1. Rugged industrial design for long, reliable service life
  2. Wide product portfolio from micro to large systems for UPS equipment of all applications in the O&G sector, from refineries to pumping stations to oil platforms
  3. High variety of products to meet a wide range of requirements
  4. High flexibility in battery application
  5. Systems with a strong focus on safety-related applications
  6. Decades of experience and numerous references in the O&G sector

The main products for this are: