Statron is THE partner for UPS solutions and battery systems. Not only do we deliver reliable products, we also ensure with our services that your systems will work for many years. Our service portfolio covers all requirements, including installations & commissioning, maintenance, training, service contracts, system checks, modifications as well as spare parts and repairs. Of course, we offer this complete service portfolio with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness worldwide.
Professional installations and commissionings are of crucial importance for the long-term serviceability of UPS systems. Statron offers the installation and commissioning of every Statron UPS system worldwide.

This service is performed by trained technicians and specialists. Only installation and commissioning by Statron staff guarantees a complete warranty for the system.

UPS Systems

UPS systems play an important role in the security of power supplies. To ensure system availability over many years, the UPS systems need to be maintained regularly. In addition to upholding availability, regular maintenance increases the life span of the system.

Statron UPS systems generally have low wear. In order to guarantee the usual reliability and availability, however, certain components should be exchanged preventively after a few years. Continuous improvements may require new software versions or hardware components. During maintenance by Statron experts, the use of the respectively necessary and current version is given.


Battery Systems

In addition to the professional maintenance of electronic and power components, special attention must be paid to the batteries. Weak or defective individual cells usually only come to the operator’s attention when they are already severely affecting the entire battery system.

In operation, the capacity of the battery is reduced by chemical processes. This is a perfectly normal process, but it has a direct impact on the autonomy time. There is a risk that at the moment of a system failure (black-out), the UPS system will not be fully available. Depending on the application, this can have serious consequences such as loss of data, loss of production, personal injury or damage to property.

Furthermore, inadequately maintained batteries pose the risk of uncontrolled extremely high short-circuit current. Since battery cells/blocks are usually the driving cost factor of a battery-based emergency power system, regular maintenance as well as a regular capacity test is therefore strongly recommended by STATRON.

To avoid injuries and property damage as well as costly production and work interruptions, well-trained employees around the operation of the UPS systems are very important. Statron therefore offers various training and further education opportunities.

These can be carried out at the Statron training facilities with existing test systems or directly at the customer’s site. In the Statron courses, participants learn how to handle the UPS systems used in the respective project safely and professionally.

Maintenance contracts

The necessary maintenance measures of a UPS system can vary depending on the area of application and load. Based on decades of experience, technically correct and cost-effective maintenance is only guaranteed by a STATRON specialist. To avoid expensive dependencies, STATRON offers the tailored maintenance contracts “BASIC”, “PLUS” and “PREMIUM”.
The standardized maintenance contracts cover the needs of most systems and applications sufficiently well. They represent an ideal price-performance ratio.

Specific maintenance contracts can be agreed for special requirements. Here, too, we pay attention to a balanced price-performance ratio.


Support contracts

For customers who have their own maintenance team trained on their equipment, but still do not want to do without the expertise of STATRON specialists and the STATRON 24/7 emergency hotline, the support contract is the right solution.


Service Portfolio Statron:

The reliability and long-term availability of customer UPS systems is the main focus of Statron, whether it’s Statron’s own or third-party equipment. That’s why Statron offers manufacturer-independent system checks.

This includes power input measurements, battery checks or system checks of various other control parametersthat are relevant to the state of the UPS system.

The requirements for a UPS system may change over time. This can be, for example, adjustments in the data con-nection, a changed output power of the UPS or the extension of the autonomy time. Depending on the upgradability of the UPS system, a changed requirement does not necessarily mean a new purchase. Often, the existing system can be inexpensively modified or extended. Statron has a great deal of experience in the expansion of UPS systems.
The high flexibility of the UPS systems as well as project-specific individual versions make it impossible to keep all spare parts in all configurations and variants permanently in stock worldwide. Since a fast response time in case of failure is immensely important, Statron recommends to keep the most important spare parts in stock close to the UPS system. A Statron specialist will be happy to advise you during the project planning or after pur-chasing the UPS system about the right spare part package, which can then be offered cost-effectively.

Of course, Statron not only offers spare parts during the product’s offer period, but also after expiry of the current series for a specific period of time for the re-spective systems.

The spare parts include battery cells or blocks. Statron will gladly assist you with replacement of material, installation, recommissioning as well as the proper disposal of used batteries.


End of Sales

The End of Sales (EoS) is the date when the specific product can be ordered for the last time. Normally, the EoS is preceded by a sale promotion (Last Time Buy).


End of product support by the service (End of Product Support)

End of Product Support (EoPS) is the date on which service support for the specific product ends. After EoPS, services to maintain the functionality of the application continue to be available as long as possible.

Despite careful selection of all installed components, a well thought-out design, high production and test requirements with the best quality standards, defects can never be completely avoided. Statron stands behind its products and services and offers in this case, of course, a professional and inexpensive repair. Statron specialists are happy to help with the repair of stationary systems on site. For modular or mobile systems, the defective components can also be sent in for repair.