Aircraft Ground Power

Aircraft Frequency Converters / Ground Power Units (GPU) and Pre-conditioned Air Units (PCA)

For the supply of aircrafts, STATRON is cooperating with a global partner, ITW GSE (former AXA POWER). This allows STATRON to provide solid-state ground power units (GPU’s) to power aircrafts when parked at the airport, and pre-conditioned air units (PCA) to cool the aircraft. The GPU’s offer outstanding technical qualities from the unique output voltage, the smart ITW GSE user interface, software update via USB and the standard overload capabilities that match all types of aircrafts. Furthermore, the GPU’s are equipped with the patented Plug & Play system enabling an outstanding voltage quality at the aircraft plug. The PCA’s are the market’s most innovative, smart and environmental friendly PCA units for de-centralized use.

Products of GPU- and PCA-systems are: