Statron Modular Technology - SMT

SMT Modular Power Supply (MPS) equipment facilitates a high flexibility in the design of an UPS. The available independent and hot-pluggable modules Rectifier, Inverter, complete UPS, DC-DC converter and Static switches can be combined as per customer requirements. The module topology allows various designs for industrial applications where on all levels of the power conversion chain N+1 redundancy is required. The following SMT systems are available:

Rectifiers / Inverters


SMT-MPS Series

SMT-MPS Series

SMT range of industrial Modular Power Supplies (MPS) is designed for industrial operating environments – meeting the most stringent requirements in applications, such as in oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, power distribution and transmission plants. Theflexible system concept and a full range of options enables a fully customized solution meeting any specific requirement.

The MPS range uses high frequency switchmode technology and offers user friendly operation and a comprehensive monitoring concept.

S6300e Series 20 - 500 kVA (n+1)

S6300e Series 20 - 500 kVA (n+1)

The next generation of the scalable, modular 3-phase online double conversion UPS systems of the S6300e series guarantees maximum flexibility and availability.

With the gradation in 20kVA and 50kVA modules, an adaptation to customer requirements is possible, up to a power of 60kVA, batteries can be integrated in the UPS cabinet.

The decentralized parallel architecture of the modules allows easy adaptation to increasing performance requirements. Each module has its own inverter, rectifier and controller and has a hat-swap function; a shut down is not needed for changing modules.

The central control unit with color touch screen can be used to query general information about the system, including the measurements and status messages of the individual modules. The S6300e combines maximum efficiency with minimum space requirements.