Voltage Stabilizers (AC & DC)

Depending on the quality of the industrial grid and / or the voltage tolerances, stabilizers are required.

The servo controlled AC voltage stabilizer is based on a variable transformer that maintains the voltage in the specified range. It can be used as standalone device or in combination with a UPS / Inverter system keeping the bypass voltage in a narrow window.

DC voltage stabilizers are realised by a DC-DC converter or with μP controlled switched dropping diode stacks as to maintain stable DC voltage to the critical loads.

The following voltage stabilizers are available:

Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage Stabilizers

The range of STATRON's voltage stabilizers for single- and three phase applications with electronic servo control or solid state design is based on a unique low distortion inductive power concept using a twin transductor circuit. All systems are built for operation in harsh conditions and can be designed to best fit to your requirements. Solutions are available from 0.8 – 7350 kVA.