Maintenance & Service

System Maintenance & Service

UPS systems play an important role in the security of power supplies. To ensure system availability over many years, the UPS systems need to be maintained regularly. In addition to upholding availability, regular maintenance increases the life span of the system.

STATRON UPS systems generally have low wear. In order to guarantee the usual reliability and availability, however, certain components should be exchanged preventively after a few years. Continuous improvements may require new software versions or hardware components. During maintenance by STATRON experts, the use of the respectively necessary and current version is given.

Please contact us, to be advised and to coordinate your desired maintenance services.

Battery Maintenance & Service

In addition to the expert maintenance of electronic and power components, special care must be taken of the batteries. Weak or defective individual cells usually do not occur to the operator until they already severely affect the entire battery system. In operation, the capacity of the battery is reduced by chemical processes. This is a perfectly normal process, but has a direct impact on the autonomy time. There is a risk that the UPS system will not be completely available at the moment of a system failure (black-out). Depending on the application, this can result in serious consequences such as data loss, production losses, personal injury or property damage. Furthermore there is a risk of uncontrolled extremely high short-circuit current in the case of insufficiently maintained batteries. Since battery cells / blocks are usually the driving force behind a battery backup system, periodic maintenance and a regular capacity test are strongly recommended by STATRON.

Please contact us, to be advised and to coordinate your desired maintenance services.


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