Service Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

The necessary maintenance measures of a UPS system may vary depending on the application and load. Due to decades of experience, the technically correct and cost-effective maintenance is only guaranteed by a specialist from Statron. In order to avoid expensive dependencies, Statron offers the tailored maintenance contracts "BASIC", "PLUS" and "PREMIUM". The standardized maintenance contracts cover the demand for most systems and applications. They represent an ideal price-performance ratio.
Specific maintenance contracts can be arranged for special requirements. Here too, Statron pays attention to a balanced price-performance ratio.

Please contact us, to be advised of your desired service contract.

Support Contract

For customers who have their own trained maintenance team but do not want to relinquish the expertise of Statron's specialists or the Statron 24/7 emergency hotline, the support contract is the answer.

Please contact us, to be advised of your desired service contract.


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