Completely different and yet very successful – our company event 2020

Due to the travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19, we held this year's company event partially virtually.

Due to travel restrictions, only participants from Switzerland attended the company event this year - and the distances were also kept to the mandatory photo!

Gold prospecting in the Napf area in Entlebuch, Canton Lucerne

Our subsidiaries were connected via MS-Teams. In total, we had contact with more than 60 people on more than 30 channels in our branches in Malaysia, India, Dubai, Qatar, Hungary, Austria, The Netherlands and Germany. The main topic was product training as the basis for sales success. The rapidly increasing demand for our new and improved products, such as our range of semi-industrial UPS or the products of the modular power supply series, shows that we are on the right track.


The traditional excursion took us to the heart of Switzerland, to the Entlebuch region to search for gold. The gold in Entlebuch, the so-called "Napfgold", is one of the highest quality gold materials that can be found worldwide. Many of us found what they were looking for and were able to take home some glitter of the "Napfgold". With the wonderful experiences and valuable information from the company event, we are well equipped for the challenging times ahead.

Peter Limacher und Ruben Vogelsang (August 27./28., 2020)