Highlight company event 2017 to celebrate 40 years STATRON

This year STATRON is celebrating its 40th anniversary. At the meetings during the days of celebration, the focus was not set on looking back, it was set to develop strategies on the challenges of the international markets. On August 24th and 25th employees of all subsidiaries analyzed the opportunities and risks of the various market segments and developed ideas for an improved market service. The aim of all participants was to create the basis for another 40 successful years with even better customer and market approach.

Of course, there was also the opportunity to review the past few years. During a visit at the KKL (Culture and Convention Center of Lucerne), a boat trip on the Lake Lucerne and a delicious dinner, there were enough possibilities for our employees from 7 different countries to talk intensively. The content of many of these discussions was of course a mix of past events and plans for future activities.

Peter Limacher, Member of the Board


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