Inter Airport fair 2019 with ITW GSE AXA POWER

With our partner ITW GSE, representatives of the STATRON branches Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands took part in the world's largest trade fair for airport operators, the Interairport, taking place from October 8th to 11th 2019 in Munich. 

This year, the presentation of the new version „Mark 2“ ITW GSE 7400 Battery eGPU (ground power unit) was in the focus of the exhibition. Prior to the fair, FRAPORT AG (Frankfurt Airport) , one of the largest airports in Europe, ordered a further three systems, expanding and proving its 7400 fleet that it is one of the most innovative and advanced airports in the world.

The ITW GSE 7400 consists of a charger and a modular battery pack that powers the built-in static 400Hz inverter once the system is no longer connected to the power supply. By using this device, airports and airlines can reduce CO2 emissions, noise levels and dependence on fossil fuels. Since the ITW GSE 7400 is neither dependent on fuel nor on electricity, it can be used on places where there is no electrical infrastructure. In addition to the interesting discussions about the ITW GSE 7400, product and application information for the ITW GSE 2400 POWERCOIL, the ITW GSE 2400 GPU and the ITW GSE PCA 3400 were requested by many visitors. It was good and important for us to see that, in addition to the good products, there was a demand for consultancy on the various applications. 

Here, the combination of the reliable products of ITW GSE and STATRON's consulting and support services is a great combination to serve customers well and add value to their applications. We thank all customers for the interesting discussions. For further questions please contact our expert Mr. Ulrich Dürr at