Statron non-stop-power for the Südostbahn

Statron was successful in selling a high-quality battery system for the Swiss Südostbahn.

Voralpenexpress in summer (Source SOB)

Voralpenexpress in winter (Source SOB)

The battery systems are from Saft and of type MRX 80. The batteries have an expected lifetime of 15 – 20 years and are installed in the Stadler Flirt-trains and in the Voralpen-Express, which operates in the central- and eastern part of Switzerland. Extremely challenging of that project was the short delivery time. The systems need to be delivered in December 2020 already. The sales success is a combination of the achieved short delivery time, the high-quality of the design and engineering of Statron as well as the long-lasting quality batteries of Saft.

We as Swiss company are always happy to serve relevant clients from Switzerland, such as SOB, the Südostbahn.


Markus Frei and Ruben Vogelsang.