STATRON passes assessment according to IECEE OD-2048

It is our clear priority to keep our products on the highest quality levels.

One key factor on product level is the execution of type-tests according to the applicable product standards IEC 60146 and IEC 62040. In order to be able to perform such internationally accepted type-tests for our UPS and rectifier systems, Statron’s testing laboratory has undergone and successfully passed an assessment according to IECEE OD-2048 though TÜV Rheinland. This assures that the testing facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 that are relevant to the activities performed at our laboratory.

IECEE OD-2048 - IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE System) - Utilization of Customers’ Testing Facilities

The “Utilization of Customers’ Testing Facilities (CTF) concept” is a procedure by which personnel of a National Certification Body (NCB), CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL), or a Local Technical Representative (LTR), obtains test data developed at a CTF.

The qualification of Statron’s test laboratory for IECEE OD-2048 Stage 2 allows for the execution of witnessed type-tests, according to the standards IEC 60146 and IEC 62040, for Statron’s own products as well as for 3rd party products.

Silvan Kissling, Technology Director STATRON Group

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