April 22, 2022

This year’s IDEE-SUISSE innovation award was awarded to Statron and the development partner emost/Axpo for the product Butler S, a mobile energy storage system.

On April 21st, the ceremony took place on the premises of Statron AG in Maegenwil, Switzerland. The award was presented by Dr. Olaf J. Böhme, President of IDEE-SUISSE. Dr Böhme emphasized the high degree of innovation of the new product Butler S and the very short development time for this product. Both could only be achieved through a good cooperation between the two companies emost/Axpo and Statron.

Benedikt Domke, Head of emost/Axpo and Dr. Ruben Vogelsang, CEO of Statron AG informed about the product Butler S and the innovation process.

The guest speakers were the mayor of Mägenwil, Peter Wiederkehr, Dr. Rita Hofmann, Member of the Board of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, Dr. Hubert Zimmermann, CEO of AEW Energie AG and Dr. Christoph Sutter, Head Division Renewables at Axpo Solutions AG. All guest speakers emphasized the importance of the electrical energy supply for the economy and the prosperity of Switzerland. Furthermore, it was often emphasized that more investments in the infrastructure of the electrical energy supply are important in order to maintain economic strength and prosperity of the country and to achieve the CO2 targets. The Butler S, the first mobile UPS system or the compact energy storage system (BESS– Battery Energy Storage System) is a very good solution for all the topics mentioned. With the Butler S, for example, noisy and emission-intensive power supply devices (such as diesel generators on construction sites) are a thing of the past. The motto here is greener, more environmentally friendly, more practical, more reliable, more economical and more future-oriented.

The groundbreaking innovation was conceived by the emost team within Axpo and developed over the past four years in close cooperation with customers in a market-oriented manner. Statron AG, a global leader in UPS technology, provided strong support for the last major stage of development – the completely revised fourth generation of the BUTLER S systems. Less than 12 months passed from concept to fully tested product, a record in industrial UPS development!

The laudation for the innovation prize was held by Markus Birchmeier, CEO of Birchmeier Bau AG. Other congratulatory votes were delivered by Florian Gautschi from the Aargau Department of Economics and Home Affairs and by Philippe Ramseier, City Councilor of the City of Baden.

The presentation of the innovation prize was then celebrated with an get-together and intensive discussions.

DR. Ruben Vogelsang, CEO Statron AG.