87 – 1060
60 – 800
Realized Installations

STATRON’s high performance standard UPS systems S7300 / S8300 offer state-of-the-art technology and high efficiency in a very small footprint. The IGBT rectifier technology reduces the distortion factor and thus the operating costs. The adaptable system concept and a wide range of options meet different requirements in terms of power, backup time, harmonic control and enables a safe power supply solution for a variety of applications, such as industrial, telecommunication or IT infrastructures.

  1. High reliability
  2. High availability
  3. Long service life, designed for >20 years
  4. Low operating costs
  5. Galvanic isolation battery – consumer
  6. Power factor 0.99 at input
  7. cos φ = 0.9 at the output
  8. Efficiency >94,5%
  9. Compact design
  10. High energy density
  11. Clearly structured operator display for easy operation and intuitive communication
  12. Latest communication software, complete system monitoring
  13. Remote monitoring via SNMP adapter, ModBus or floating contacts
  14. Integrated battery management
  15. Dynamic charging mode (DCM)